Underwater Dimensions

by DJM

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These tracks were finished around a time of transition for myself. I had been producing throughout my college days but only seldom and never thoroughly finished any of the projects. By 2012, I had dropped out of University and had a warrant out for my arrest for a crime that I had no recollection of. These tracks mirror my experience through these unsettling times.


released May 14, 2012



all rights reserved


DJM California

In a lab, on my mind, around the Earth.

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Track Name: Windows
Scratch the surface of something new,
Holding onto the thoughts that we had [tripped] to,
Had to join up inside,
A better day,
Fills the space between us,
Between us,
The light won't show the nighttime ranges on.
Track Name: It's All Good
On the roof with my fiddle,
The word is truth,
My life be a riddle.
Cartoon world, cars tuned,
Whirlpool girls,
Trained to see through,
Conspiracy theories,
It's what we've come to.
Trained arms, and words to fight.
Triad notes, and nose-bleed nights.
Feeling light-headed,
Helium balloons.
Your story, I read it.
Same song but a different tune, right?

So drop a beat on that,
And give me two,
Blunts, to knock me out,
Dome shot, sativa rule.
No auto-tune, to heal the soul,
With no control.
Climbing up through the mind,
This mind,
In a depth of truth.
Search for air but there's no find,
In this ever after.
Whats it to you?
Low profile laughter? Civility?
Undercover cops and their integrity.

Round 2,
Find the words to give to you,
My only friend, ecstatic when,
We meet again.
I've lost the world and can't comprehend,
This visual,
Or the voice I cannot win, within.
Hear my heart bleed,
Sweat feed,
Hungry souls with venom, see
It's death, greed, what kills us all eventually.
Lead, the masses, with songs of peace,
Humility, and struggles to aid in,
Track Name: Fast Bomb
I've got a book full of notes,
I'll never use.
It's my excuse,
My right, to be alive,
To exist and to thrive.
To pass on my mind and think i'll survive,
Shots fire.
Spill the blood on this here page.
I lied when I said the story's the same.
I cried when I knew my life was a game.
But I set forth, for the fame,
For the brain and behavior,
For lessons learned,
Save school for later.
Textbooks to engrave your mind,
Nevermind let it burn,
Your name in society,
To be high and mighty,
To find my place of sobriety.
Clean words like 'Jesus is my savior',
When drugs and money is all I favor.
Killing time for a chance at fame,
Fast cars, family kept the same,
But i'm still insane.
I'm gonna keep writing,
My only way of fighting, myself,
From this prison, this neuro-incision.
Like sanity, neurology, business classes,
And brain Scientology.
What did I gain from it?
Invisible friends? Monetary lends and a fake apology.

This is a fast bomb...

Company A, March twenty second,
Pick up where i left off,
Ink smells to aid in the take off,
Sunrise, scenes kept,
No reason to try but lies, lies.
So I set off to differentiate,
The difference to live or to educate, wait.
I never finished,
I skipped class for laughing gas to diminish,
What I though was my mind,
Could smell the stash,
I could feel the rhythm,
And I could hear the rhyme.
Where do all the students go?
Where's the magic that makes their faces glow?
Mission statement is to kill the foe.
A militia world to make the masses grow.
So congregate and celebrate,
Existence in its very essence,
Spot ghosts in the distance,
And you could feel the presence.
Blinded by fate,
Faith is in the new learners,
For there are better worlds to create.

This is a fast bomb...